Watch the Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer

“Compulsion” is an upcoming, indie, survival horror game inspired by P.T. The story is about Ethan, an unfortunate man who resorted to drugs and alcohol for happiness and pleasure. We want to reflect the sad reality of those sadly consumed by depression and drugs and raise awareness to their moral and inner conflicts.


I think this is the most common question that will be ever asked, and the answer is here, whenever we feel it is ready, we have a strong story behind, but we have quite a non-standard approach to the project’s development, whenever we feel we achieved our desired result, we will finish and bring it to the end. Art takes time, and such a game really needs effort, we will not rush it for better results.

We are not really into chapters, levels, etc. We want to tell the story without any breaks, you start and you play till the end.

We are 6 people working on this project, also with some outside help, we are cool people no worries.

We know it is ambitious, but we can’t remain in one place, we have to make great games, we are more into the mobile market, and when you maybe searched for us you have seen only mobile games. It’s time for an upgrade. 🙂

We are planning to release it consoles, but we have no control of this yet, we will announce you whenever we will add console support.

We have been thinking of making it 2-3h of pure gameplay, we are a small team with very less funds, we try to make an ambitious game, we can’t make it very long.

Haha, good question, yes, we consider ourselves capable, but it depends, please do not have very high expectations, it is our first project of this type, if you want to support us, it will be really dope, but let’s be realistic, the game could not be perfect, even though we will try, maybe we will open a crowdfunding page and hire more persons in development.